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Car Door Sill Light Multiple Car Brands

Car Door Sill Light Multiple Car Brands

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Emitting Color


No wiring, easy installation

USB fully charged, each time can be used for 3 months

Installation method :1. The pedal is designed with a magnet that pulls directly on the door. Easy to remove and charge

For the threshold of plastic surface, we distribute the adhesive on the back. You can paste it on the threshold using the paste method

The induction is attached to the bottom of the door, aligned with the induction area of the product for induction switch (light when opening the door/light off when closing the door)


Front Sill:4.5 cm X 54.5 cm

Rear Sill :4.5cm X 25cm

7 colors (white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, ice blue)

Color button switch (buttons switch one color at a time, and the color can be fixed in memory after switching)


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